Gmail Adds More Search Functionality

Gmail, the search engine giant Google’s web-based e-mail system, has always included features that you can use to textually search to find specific messages within the various folders of your e-mail account. The unique search features that Gmail includes makes it easy for users to navigate around their e-mail messages.

Earlier this month, Google announced on their Gmail blog that they have added even more search features to their quality e-mail service. Christian Kurmann, a Software Engineer for Google, announces these changes:

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Google Discontinues Home Page Background Images

For web services to grow and improve user functionality, sometimes sacrifices have to be made. In this case, the search giant Google is discontinuing its service that provides background images on the main Google home page.

According to a WebProNews article, back in September, Google announced that they would be scrapping the functionality that allows users to upload personalized images to Google with Classic Plus, and that the service would be completely turned off in November (this month). Now, Google users utilizing the background images function on their home page will receive the following message.

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View Side-by-Side SEO Information Using This Tool

In the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world, it is important to critique and review your competitor’s website on a regular basis, so that you can find out what tricks they are using on the website to acquire the customers that you are missing out on. Are you using bad SEO practices on your website, or commonly used techniques that you are missing out on? If so, the tool that I will be elaborating on in this post will help you discover this.

Utilizing The Internet Marketing Ninjas‘ new side-by-side SEO Comparison Tool will allow you to preview up to five links at one time. This allows you to get even more information from even more competitors to your website.

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Google Introduces Link Disavow Tool

As a directory editor, I receive many communications from directory submitters that would like either their directory listing updated or removed altogether. A lot of the removal requests that I receive are due to the recent Google algorithm changes that prevent linkspam and the confusion posed by webmasters from this update. To help clear up the confusion, as well as providing a timely way that webmasters can de-associate their website from another, the search giant Google has added a “Disavow Tool” to their Webmaster Tools interface.

The reason why Google has released the Link Disavow Tool has been explained in the paragraph below from this Google Help Center article:

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Google Improves Local Search

Recently, the search engine giant Google published a list of 65 changes that they have implemented during August and September to help improve your search experience on their search engine. These changes span from various aspects of how searching the web affects you, such as: page quality, knowledge graph, autocomplete, freshness, and local.

The aspect of “local searching” on Google is a big concentration, because of a lot of us perform searches looking for local people, places, and events. A list of the local-related improvements that Google has implemented and updated are provided below:

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Get Updated On Your PageRank With PRTracking

Are you one of those people that want to stay updated with the status of your Google PageRank and then forget later in time? If so, it’s no problem, because we all lead very busy lives these days. From an SEO standpoint, your website’s Google PageRank is a very important aspect to keep tabs on, because your position in the SERPs will help you acquire targeted traffic to your website.

To help you keep tabs on your website’s Google PageRank without having to check the Google SERPs every night and day, I would like to bring your attention to a service called PRTracking. This service from iEntry (mySEOblog‘s parent company) constantly monitors your website’s PageRank for you, so that you do not have to.

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Removal Requests Decrease Due to Google Algorithm Change

As an editor for multiple link directories, reading this comes as good news, because I receive a lot of link removal requests from various companies each day, even though the links on the directories that I manage include the nofollow attribute.

Earlier this month, the search engine giant Google announced that they would be updating their algorithm to include a new ranking signal for the number of “valid copyright removal notices” that the search engine giant receives for a given site.

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Google Integrates Gmail Content

Recently, the search engine giant Google announced that they are adding a whole lot of new features to their “Search Engine of The Future” project. One of these features is integrating information from the e-mails in your Gmail (Google Mail) account into the information that you search for in the SERPs.

To better introduce this feature to you, I have provided an elaborate description from the Google Blog post explaining this feature below.

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