Blogging is not just a hobby; it’s moneymaking. If you are using a WordPress script and you are not earning through adsense then you are doing something wrong. You are wasting your traffic.

There are several plugins that could help us monetizing our WordPress blog but before I tell you what are they, I would insist my own method. I used to install all of these plugins here at and non of them satisfies me so I experimented the codes and got a pretty good placement result.

The problem with plugins are almost the same. You cannot control where to place the ads exactly. Okay, but even if I don’t use them, you can find the list  at the bottom.

Here is my preferred way of inserting adsense codes into my blog’s posts, sidebar, and page template. I am proud to say that my CTR has increased by 1.5%  to 2.5% for 3 weeks now after doing this type of placement. This method will work whatever theme you installed in your WordPress blog.

Ads on Pages (Archive, Categories, About, etc)

Inside your wp-admin, open the file “page.php” or the Page Template and insert your ad as shown below.
wordpress adsense

See the result below. The ad that I inserted in this example is small because the space is limited. You can change the ad format depending on the availability of space.
adsense wordpress

Adsense inside message body (most effective placement). Insert your ad (common is 336×280) in single.php.

adsense single wordpress

The ad will appear on the left of all posts (single post), not on homepage or in categories. Especially if blended, visitors will be tempted to click. I did not used blend in this example to emphasize the ad. See below.

insert adsense ad

Another perfect placement – the sidebar. This could be done easily by adding text Widget.

adsense widget

Then add the code and click on save. You may also modify the title.
widget wordpress adsense

See the result below. Good sidebar placement.

sidebar adsense

Now, if you are lazy enough to do the above process, here are some alternatives for you. But as I said before, no plugin satisfy my needs. You may try if you want.

There are a number of adsense plugins for wordpress and I tested around 12 of them..

Adsense Deluxe – considered as the most popular and most widely used adsense wordpress plug-in.

AdSense Widget for WordPress Sidebar – Is very easy to use like the one we used above on sidebar ad.

Shylock AdSense – another plugin for easy integration of AdSense ads into your blog; has an interesting feature that lets you set particular ads into blog posts which are more than X days old.

Adsense Injection – this one really annoys me. I placed the code at the bottom, the ad appear on the middle and after I refreshed the page, that ad appeared on top.

AdMan - integrates ads directly inside your blog posts. Compatible with AdSense and YPN.

AdSense Manager - a fully featured AdSense manager. Use the latest version only, as older versions had some issues with the AdSense terms and conditions.

AdRotator – afraid of adblindness? AdRotator rotates (doh!) your AdSense ads, and combines them with other advertising programs.

AdSense Attachment - display extra content, like images, in a new page together with AdSense ads.

MightyAdsense – display AdSense ads without modifying the templates. Has a preview for ads in the WordPress control panel.

Google Ad Wrap – show that pesky Google spider what content on your blog is really important. This plugin is cool.

Adsense Inline – another plugin that makes inserting AdSense into your blog posts really easy. I also tried this one. Its working but I see some minor error.

Adsense Beautifier – places images next to your AdSense ads, which should increase the click through rate. Not recommended  for it has some issues with TOS.

Author Adsense – split revenue between several blog authors on the same blog.

AdSense Sharing Revenue and Earnings System – another revenue sharing plugin for AdSense on WordPress. Also shows you your earnings in real time. This is good if you have multiple authors.

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