You are browsing the web and you stumbled into a webmasters forum. The topic about online moneymaking catches your attention and suddenly you became interested.

You heard that John Chow and Jeremy Shoemaker are earning more than $10K each and you wanted to follow what they are doing. They were become your inspiration but sad thing is you don’t know how to start. You are not a programmer and not even a computer geek and barely knows how to use Internet but your desire to start making money with adsense is terrible and you cannot sleep thinking how to start.

Now, this article is for you. making money with adsense takes time. It will take number of months to earn $10/month. Take note, $10/month.  Don’t aim high during your start-up or else you will end up desperate and frustrated.

Assuming you don’t have no idea how to start and the only thing you know online that requires little manipulation is updating your Friendster or Myspace profile. here’s how to start.

How to Start
What are your interests? Do you work? What is your job? Are you in any sport or any past time activities? Do you love hiking, biking, jogging, driving, etc?

Based on the above questions, select the best topic that you want to focus on. Make sure that the topic you decided to focus on is not related to the following (gambling, porn, violence, betting, and the like). Read Google TOS for more information about the niches not allowed by Google Adsense.)

After selecting a topic, visit and create a blog. A blog is like a diary or a personal page where you can write whatever you want. You can post pictures or whatever you like. is easy to navigate and it’s just like creating a profile in Friendster, Myspace, or Facebook. I don’t think you still need a tutorial on how to use

Now that you have a blog, the next thing to do is to fill your blog with posts (articles), or lists of the things related to your chosen topic. If you can, make at least 10 posts in the first 3 days.

Make sure your articles are original and written by you. Now apply for Adsense Account by going to Google will review your site and it will only take 3 to 5 days to approve a good Blog created through

After Google has approved your account, you can now start posting ads in your Blog. Just navigate inside your admin page. You can add adsense ads by going to Page Elements option of

Advertising and Promotion.
Is is easy to promote and advertise the thing you already know. I hate stupid questions like “How do I promote my soccer blog?”, “Where do I promote my SEO forum?”, “How do I increase the traffic to my RPG Blog”?. Believe me but people who are asking these stupid questions don’t know anything about what they are doing. That’s why I suggest you to select a topic of your interest because if you know anything about the topic, the promotion part is not going to be a problem. If you are fond of playing soccer and/or is you are a soccer fanatic, of course you know the majority of soccer sites. Then why are you asking where to advertise your soccer blog? It’s because you know nothing about soccer. The only reason why you created a blog about soccer is because you just heard from someone that soccer niche is paying good. And that’s the stupidity starts.

Too much of explanation. Now we go to real business. Very simple. If you have a Blog related to mobile phones, should you waste your time promoting your blog to gaming forums? Advertise your blog to related sites. When we say related sites, those are sites with the same topic with your Blog. Join in mobile phone forums and post with your signature. Search for blogs related to mobile phones and post comments with your link. If you know people who would like to talk about mobile phones, let them know about your blog. Simple as that. Start with the basic before jumping into nowhere. And if you have time daily, follow this simple but very effective advertising guide.

How to Avoid Failure
The main reason why people fail to meet their goals is simple. They fail because they don’t have patience and perseverance. Earning through a blog as I said takes time. But remember, the moment your site got a regular visitors and catches the interests of your target audience, I can assure you that success is guaranteed. Just stick to what you have started and work hard in promotion. If you are doing hard and not getting the result after 6 months then there is something wrong on what you are doing.

Don’t get influenced by high paying keywords and niches you know nothing about. I have a friend who is very ambitious but until now, he didn’t have anything. Why, because he change niche every quarter. Why he changed niche every quarter? Because he know nothing about those niches. Greed is inside him and its destroying his concentration. Concentrate in your own niche. if you feel you want to shift or change niche, make sure you are well equipped with promotional knowledge.

Well, the above message is too long already and I hope you can start your blog easily. Always remember to join webmasters forums to learn more about advertising and promotion. It is always easy to create a web page but always difficult to promote. Concentrate in promotion. The following links could help you more on your promotional campaign.

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