Since you want people to get hooked on your site immediately, you can’t just do any old thing to it. For one, you want people to find it whether they’re looking for it or not (not in a spam kind of way), and you also want people to like what they see at first glance. If it’s attractive, not only in appearance but in content, then people will stay much longer, and return. It’s kind of like choosing a mate, you want to be overall attracted to them. No sense in going back for a second date if you didn’t like them in the first place!

SearchingSo, here’s nine simple rules for dating a website:

  • Be clean, well groomed and visually attractive. A good design will get you a long way.
  • Don’t be too complicated, you want to make a good impression. Offer straightforward information about what you have to offer.
  • Don’t say too much at first, let them find out more if they’re interested. Excerpts and ‘read more’ links are a good way to get people more involved with your site.
  • Put a few words out there to hint at your interests. Good strong keywords are essential for search engines.
  • Be consistent. Let them push your buttons all in the right places. Always put your information in the same places. Don’t make people learn the order a second or third time.
  • Stay organized. You want them to see how intelligent you are. Good organized thoughts and articles are an excellent way to keep people interested. If it’s easy to find something, people will return.
  • Talk about a variety of topics, but don’t give it all away at once. Cover a broad array of topics on your website, revolving of course around your subject, but don’t say everything in one article. Split your information up.
  • Be confident about your material. If you sound wishy-washy about what you’re saying, people won’t believe you and will lose interest.
  • Be available and easy to find. Make your website search engine friendly and your contact information easy to find.

If everything is done just right, you’ll want to take your website home with you and let them meet your family and friends. If all goes well, people will pass the website around so they can all get a good look and pass it around to people they know.

Maybe the idea of dating someone in this example wasn’t the best way to go about it… I doubt you would want someone you liked being passed around to a bunch of people… Oh well, for a website it works!

Good luck getting ready for your date!