The main key to having a successful website for marketing purposes and for obtaining that traffic that gets people coming back, is all around professionalism. It does not matter how long you’ve been at all of this, you just need to get all of your steps in order. You could just have started with your business online and your competition could have been at it for longer, but if they fail to hold up to standards and maintain them, then they will soon sink away.

There are several bits and pieces that, when they come together, form a magnificent masterpiece, capable of drawing anyone in. It’s all about having it all together.

Let’s start with the pieces of your website. You shouldn’t have to work too hard to promote your website and yourself once you get everything all set. There are some essential components to your website, and any successful website. You can always offer this information in a slightly different way, but these are some basic guidelines for what ought to be done, explained in more detail with Stoney deGeyter.

Home Page – Seems obvious, but this is very important for those people visiting your site for the first time. Not everyone will enter through the homepage, but it’s a good idea to have a strong one, offering any information that the visitor needs to find out what your site is about.

About Page – If someone really wants to know what your website/company/you are all about, this page is essential. There are many sites out there that you have no idea what their purpose is or where they come from, and they seem a little shady. Offer the information, even if only a handful of people read it.

Contact Page – Again, this seems like an obvious page, everyone has a contact page… but do they have the information people need on it? Have you ever tried to find phone numbers or contact information on a big company’s website? It takes forever, it’s frustrating, and again seems be shady. Unfortunately a lot of companies hide this essential information, in order to make it more difficult for people to complain or ask questions or troubleshoot. Make yourself available, and list all of that information up front so it’s easy to find. People are happier when they can find the information easily.

Product Page – Of course if your website offers something that it is selling, there needs to be a page for this. And, if you are offering multiple items, then there really should be separate pages for all of these items.

Navigation – Yes, these are all obvious parts of a website, but some people don’t realize how actually important they are. I have said several times before that navigation needs to be consistent and easy to learn. If you make it too complicated people will leave your website.

And now, of course the SEO. You absolutely, positively have to have your website optimized for people to find it. Sure, you have word of mouth, and you yourself spreading the information about your website around, but you don’t need to do this all of the time. If your website is optimized properly, it really shouldn’t take too much effort to get your information out there. You should not have to waste tons of time on promoting your website, marketing it to the world, it should do it on its own. Of course you have to push it out of the nest to get it going, but it’s really easy to fly after that – stopping in once every-so-often to make sure the wings are still good to go and the site is fed.

Stop wasting your time struggling with promoting your website and get it optimized. Images, tags, URLs, it’s all got to be optimized, and once it’s done, it’s extremely easy to maintain. You can’t just let it die. It’s like feeding your pet. You can’t love it one day and just decide to stop paying attention to it and feeding it the next. Sure, it might find a way to survive, but it’s going to struggle and eventually die. Yes, that was really gruesome… but it’s really how websites are, without the animal cruelty part.

In any case, once you get all of these bits and pieces together, it should be smooth sailing afterwards. No need to be flustered or frustrated. Just sit down, think about what you need to do, write down a list, and start in on it! It’s much easier than you think it is, even if it does seem overwhelming.

Good luck!