With Google at the forefront of the search industry, the increasingly popular search engine Bing (owned by the software giant Microsoft) is always looking for ways to be as cutting edge as possible or be a step ahead of Google in any way that it can.

Earlier this week, Bing announced on their blog that they have unveiled “artist pages” for popular bands and artists. I have repeated the purpose of the pages from the statement made on their blog post below:

“Whether you’re looking to discover deeper cuts, in the market for tickets to the next concert, brushing up on your favorite lyrics, buying a song or finding out whether the lead singer was arrested, Bing now organizes the most common things associated with your favorite artist in a new user interface.”

This allows Bing users to get the information that they are searching for pertaining to the artist in an organized and interactive format and in a manner that Google doesn’t provide yet. For example, if a user searches for his or favorite artist on Bing, he or she will be presented with neatly organized results, including the most-popular songs (which you can listen to), tweets pertaining to the artist, and news stories of the latest artist’s happenings. At the top of the search page, the following sections to choose from will also be provided:

  • Music – The titles of the artist’s well-known hits, length, and options of where to buy the MP3 of the song from.
  • Events – Tour dates, locations, and prices of when the artist is going to be in an area near you.
  • Shopping – Places where you can purchase CDs, DVDs, and other memorabilia pertaining to the artist you are searching for.

With the release of this new feature from Bing, this could pose a threat to the well-known social networking site MySpace, because they recently revamped the design and focus of their website to solely become an entertainment network, as stated in a WebProNews article. MySpace has always been known as a common place where bands can have a page dedicated to the information (listed above) that you can now find on Bing.

Could the unveiling of this new feature from Bing hurt MySpace‘s new reputation and focus? What is your opinion and feedback on the new artist pages? Please be sure to leave your reactions in our comments section below.