Ever since the recent redesign of the Google front page and their SERPs, the search giant has been developing new and innovative ways to get the information that you search for presented in better ways without having to rummage through irrelevant information. Some of these new features that Google has implemented are: Google Instant, and Real-Time Searching, and the latest search feature that you can use is filtering your search results by reading level.

When searching for information on the web, we must keep in mind that not everyone is the same and that the internet is comprised of people with different reading levels. Even the person that may be sitting next you might have a different reading level than you do, and that fact should be given a littie bit more attention while viewing content on the web. The search giant Google understands this premise and gives you the following options to filter the content in the SERPs that is best for you:

  • No reading level displayed
  • Annotate results with reading levels
  • Show only basic results
  • Show only intermediate results
  • Show only advanced results

To filter your search results with the options that are listed above, enter your search query on Google‘s front page; before you click on the “Google Search” button, click on the Advanced Search link; and then select the option beside “Reading Level” under the “Need more tools?” section that best fits your reading level for browsing content on Google‘s SERPs. Other methods of filtering the SERP search results, such as the number of results per page, the language you would like your search results in can be altered on the Advanced Search page as well.

What is your opinion on Google adding the “Reading Level” feature to its Advanced Search page? Will it help you find the information you are looking for in an easier manner? Be sure to leave your opinions/feedback in the comments section below.