Is Your Site “Over Optimized”?

In the SEO world, backlinks are a great thing. Increasing the amount of backlinks pointing toward your site will help improve your site’s visibility in common search engines, such as: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Even though increasing your backlink count is a good practice to have, sometimes where the backlinks come from can be an issue, especially if the backlinks are inorganic. The recent Google algorithm update called Google Penguin really emphasizes backlink origin and how you should check the backlink origins of your website to get better optimization within the common search engines.

To check if your site is overly optimized, I would like to bring your attention to a quality tool called the Over Optimisation Penalty Checker. This resourceful tool will e-mail you a report of the amount of bad/inorganic links that are pointing to your website. All that you have to do is to specify the URL of your website, along with the e-mail address where you would like the report e-mailed to you, and this quality tool will automatically review your website for you.

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Review Your Website’s Meta Information

When creating a website (especially from scratch), it is always best to insert meta information into the header of your website’s HTML code. This way, when search engines crawl your website, the search engines’ crawlers will look at the meta information of your website first to include keywords and phrases for your snippet. Meta information is also important to have when submitting your website to various link directories, so that information can easily be obtained for your directory listing.

If you are unsure of what meta information is, this is the description and keywords that you insert between the meta tags included within your website’s header information. For more information about how to insert meta code into your website, please review this information from the W3C.

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Google To Head Towards Semantic Search

Google, the world’s largest and well-known search engine, is soon to be undergoing some changes that will affect the way results will be organized in the SERPs. This may wreak havoc among the SEO community, because many of the webmasters have already been adjusting their websites to the recent algorythms that Google has released. Now, another change will be taking place that will alter Google’s algorhythm even more.

Last week, according to a Wall Street Journal article, the well-known search engine will be giving its SERPs an overhaul, presenting more facts and direct answers relating to the search query that the user performs. This system will make the keyword-based algorythm, at the moment, redundant and less useful. The direction that Google is heading towards is called “Semantic Search.” I have provided an elaborate description below from Wikipedia that best outlines this new search direction:

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Check Your Rank With GoRank

In the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world, PageRank means everything! If Google and other search engines did not have a page-ranking system, the concept of SEO would not be as important as it is in today’s Internet world. If you or your business are heavily involved within the web design and administration worlds, monitoring your PageRank and position within the SERPs of various search engines is an important task. With this in mind, I would like to bring your attention to GoRank, which will help you achieve this.

GoRank is a quality SEO tool that allows you to enter the URL of your website and monitor how your site’s Page Rank changes through time. Below, I have provided some of the key features and benefits to using this quality site.

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LinkedIn Integrates Group Search Tools

LinkedIn, the social network for business professionals can also be used as a professional search engine. Many companies use this business-related social network to find prospective employees in a specific field or niche that would fit a staff position. If you have a LinkedIn account, many of you will see that various businesses around the web have probably been searching for you, designated by the “Who Viewed Your Profile?” section on the right-hand side of your LinkedIn news feed.

With LinkedIn being a powerful search tool, the social network has announced the launch of new features to its “Group Search.” This past week, Brad Mauney of the popular business social network exclaimed the following statement about “Group Search.”

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Google’s April Fool’s Day Prank: Street Roo

One of the great features of the search giant Google’s maps service is that users can view actual photos of the street and its surrounding locations via an alternative service called Google StreetView. This is a great service that allows potential visitors to the area to see what is around, and it also gives a visual representation of the location as well. To capture these images, Google Cars with a mounted camera travel all around the world taking images of the surrounding streets at high resolution.

With the amount of traffic that this service acquires, the search giant thought it would be a great idea to parody Google StreetView by altering the way this captures the high-resolution images. On April first, Google announced their Street Roo service.

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SurCentro – The Epicenter Of The Web

In today’s Internet world, statistics are everything, and there are many tools out there on the web to help present and deliver the information that you need pertaining to your website’s performance. Statistics are a great way of evaluating how well your website is performing within search engines, along with discovering any hindrances that are blocking your business’ success. For this edition of mySEOblog, I would like to bring your attention to a quality website statistics tool called SurCentro that is great for evaluating your website’s performance.

After you have entered your website’s URL into SurCentro, this quality statistics website displays the following information that will help you see your search engine performance:

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Flight Information Added To Google’s SERPs

When booking a flight online, are you always visiting various independent travel websites for prices to your destination when you would like them all in one place? That vision is now a reality with Google Flight Search. This service allows users to find cheap flights from various travel services around the web and displays their price, route, and duration in a convenient place within their SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages).

This new service was announced by the search engine giant a few days ago. Since then, Google has received a lot of feedback about the service as described in the statement below.

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